धन्यमला dhara


It is a type of kayaseka, included under drava sweda. Dhanyamla is included under Sandhana kalpana. It is used in vatarogas, especially with kaphanubandha.

Materials required:
1. Dhanyamla- 4 litres
2. Vessels- 4
3. Soft towels- 3
4. Oil for talam-10 ml
5. Oil for abhyanga- 100 ml
6. Rasnadi Choorna- 5g
7. Kernel/Plastic mug with pointed tip-2
8. Gauze-1
9. Cotton ear plugs-2
10. Masseurs- 2
11. Attendant- 1

Pre operative procedure:
Patient should sit on the droni; talam should be kept on head and sarvanga abhyanga should be done. Sometimes abhyanga is not done according to the condition of the patient. Gauze should be tied around the head above the eyebrows. Ears should be plugged with gauze. The patient should be covered with a thin cloth below the neck. This procedure may also be practiced without covering the body.

Warm Dhanyamla is poured with kernels/mugs by two attendants standing on either sides of the droni. The temperature should be around 40oC. Dhara should be poured at a medium speed and from a height of 6-12 cm. This is to be done in the seven positions mentioned in Kayaseka. Can be done hot or cold according to condition. Take new dhanyamla each day.

Post operative procedure:
After dhara clean the body & head using the soft towel. Ear plugs and gauze are removed & rasnadi choorna is applied to the head. Rest is advised for 1 hour and then asked to take bath. Abhyangam before bath is optional.

Duration: 45minutesX 7 days. Preferably done in morning hours in moderate climate.

Complications and management:
Chills & rigors- it usually occurs due to uneven maintenance of the temperature of dhanyamla or prolonged time gap between the changing up of fresh warm dhanyamla or if body is exposed to cold breeze immediately after the procedure. In this condition, body is covered with thick cloth or warm liquid for drinking or hot fomentation should be given.


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