It is a type of local snigdhasweda where warm oil is kept at the katipradesha for a prescribed time. The patient lies in prone position and the katipradesha is encircled with thick black gram paste for retention of the oil. . It acts effectively as it is applied at the site of lesion .This procedure can be performed in other areas like greeva, janu, uras etc. and named accordingly It is a samana procedure.

Materials required:
1. Black gram flour- 250g
2. Suitable oil- 150-250ml
3. Vessel- 3
4. Spoon-1
5. Cotton- Q.S.
6. Hot waterbath-1
7. Attendent-1

Pre operative procedure:
The black gram flour is well mixed with sufficient quantity of warm water into a thick paste. It is then made into flat slab-like structure having length about 45-60 cm, thickness of 3 cm and height of 5 cm. Steel or plastic rings can also be used.
Patient should lie in comfortable prone position exposing the kati. The prepared dough is fixed to the area in circular shape, taking care not to cause any leakage of oil.

The oil should be warmed over the hot water bath and poured slowly inside the ring. Its temperature must be maintained at 40oC-45oC, by replacing a small quantity after reheating. After the prescribed time, oil should be removed with the help of cotton.

Post operative procedure:
After removing the dough, the body part is cleaned with lukewarm water and the patient is allowed to take rest.

Duration: 30 minutes- 1 hour. Usually it is done for 7 days.

1. Leakage is to be prevented by pasting the dough firmly over the area
2. Uniform temperature must be maintained throughout the procedure
3. Be cautious about the temperature of the oil while reheating to avoid burns

Complications and management:
Burns- Stop the procedure and do agnidagdha chikitsa


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