Vamana is the therapeutic procedure where forceful expulsion of vitiated doshas occurs through mouth following administration of Vamanoushadhi.

Materials required:-

1. Large Basin –1
2. Medium sized vessel - 2
3. Steel glass (capacity-250ml)- 2
4. Table spoon - 2
5. Khalwa yanthra - 1
6. Stool -1
7. Chair with arm rest –1
8. Cotton cloth- -2
9. Hot water bath vessel -1
10. Stove - 1

Pre-operative procedure:-

1. Preparation of the patient:-

• The patient should be made samyakasnigdha by proper snehapana.
• On attaining samyaksnigdhalakshanas, Abhyanga and Ooshmasweda are done on next day.
• On the second day Abhyanga and ushmasweda
• Kaphothkleshakara aharas are given in the afternoon.

2. Preparation of medicine:-

• Vamanadravya
1. Madanaphalachoorna- 3 to 5 gms
2. Vachachoorna- 5 gm
3. Yashtimadhuchoornam- 7.5 gm
4. Honey - QS
5. Saindhava- 15 gm
• Milk- 4 to 6 litres
• Hot water – QS
• Karpooradi or Haridradi varthi- 1
• Oil- QS


• The patient should be anointed with proper oil followed by proper svedana.
• All these process should be completed around 7am.
• He should then be seated on a chair facing a basin kept on a stool.
• At first the patient should be given around 6 glasses of milk to facilitate easy bouts of vomiting as well as to prevent the complication of forceful vomiting.
• After that the medicine for vamana should be administered.
• Advice the patient to sit comfortably and concentrate on the forth coming signs of vomiting.
• The maximum time interval for the first bout to occur should not exceed more than 48minutes after the medicine is given.
• The physician should observe for the following signs
1. Sweating
2. Horripilations
3. Distention
4. Salivation
5. Oppression in chest etc
• Vomiting usually occurs following the appearance of this/these sign/s.
• The patient is asked to bend forward and vomit into the basin kept in front.
• Simultaneously the two flanks and fore head of the patient should be held by another person
• His umbilical region and back should be massaged in upward direction.
• The appropriate dravadravyas are administered in between if necessary.
• If the bouts are not coming up easily, then the patient is asked to bring the bouts manually by tickling his throat either with his fingers or a soft tube without injuring the throat.
• Vamana is continued till the samyak lakshanas are seen viz. pittanta (most preferable)/ sufficient kapha chardhana/shareera laghutha-kosta laghavata/dourbalya.

Post operative procedure

• The patient should be asked to wash his face with luke warm water followed by Dhoomapana with karpooradi or haridradi varthi.

Complications and management
• Haemetemesis
Lajatharpana with sitha.
• Feeble pulse, Giddiness, Collapse.
Sidhamakaradhwajam with honey and betel juice,
Drakshadi kashaya, Dhanwantharam gulika.
• Heena Vega
Pippali Choorna, Amalaki Choorna, Sarshapa Choorna , Lavanodaka


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