Abhyanga is defined as an ayurvedic procedure of application of snehadravyas over body with certain amount of (very mild) pressure in specific directions . It can be applied to the whole body or locally. Many of the prevalent modern massage techniques are the modified forms of abhyanga. These are developed from Keraleeya Kalari Chikitsa, Kathakali massage and martial arts. Hygienic massage is simply ‘oil bath’ that can be done generally all over the body daily. While sports massage mainly meant for the fitness of athletes, therapeutic massage is specially indicated for specific disease conditions.

Materials required:
1. Oil/medicated oil:100-150 ml
2. Vessel :200 ml capacity
3. Tissue paper/soft towel: Q.S.
4. Green gram powder/medicated snana choorna/medicated soap: Q.S.
5. Massuers:(Whole body-2, Ekanga-1,For children below10-1)

Pre operative procedure:
Oil in kharapaka or madhyamapaka should be selected according to climate, prakriti and disease condition of the patient. The oil is heated up to 38oC-44oC. For siroabhyanga, lukewarm oil is selected.

Patient should be seated on the droni/table, with leg extended. The oil with optimum temperature should be applied to head,first in the anterior fontanellae and then the whole scalp.
Then karnabhyanga should be done , Palm and padabhyanga are also done prior to the main process.The oil heated should be applied uniformly by two therapists on both sides of the droni/ table. Start massaging scalp, head and move down to neck, upper back, shoulders, upper arms, forearms & hands; then chest, abdomen, low back, lower limbs.
Abhyanga should be done in sitting, supine, right lateral, left lateral positions. Prone position can also be adopted in the case of low back ache. Avoid prone position in patients with chronic diseases of lung, heart, GIT.Upper back should be massaged in upward down direction. Limb joints should be massaged in circular manner and muscles in linear manner. Umbilical region is massaged in circular manner.
Supine position:-U.Limbs, Shoulder & neck,Umbilical region ,Lower limbs & region from sternum to flanks are more concentrated.
Left lateral:-Back ,L.Limb &Hip are more concentrated.
Rt.Lateral:-Back, Rt.Limb & Hip.
If prone:- Mild spinal massage is given.
At the end of the procedure the medicine on the body should be wiped off with tissue paper / towels.

Duration: Usually 45-60 minutes.


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