Acchapana is the oral intake of medicated or non medicated sneha in required quantities for a limited time period without mixing food articles other than prakshepadravyas.It can be samana or sodhana. In this, sneha alone should be given in the early morning; after the digestion of sneha, dravapradhana ahara should be given.

Materials required:
1. Sneha- Q.S.
2. Measuring jar-1
3. Glass-1
4. Cloth-1
5. Lemon-1
6. Water boiled with Shunti-Q.S.
7. Cotton- Q.S.
8. Gauze-1
9. Metal tumbler-1

Pre operative procedure

Athura pareeksha,Agni&Mathra pareeksha,Vyadhi-Bala pareeksha should be thoroughly done. Proper rookshana is to be done with thakrapana,udwarthana& deepana-pachana drugs.
Hraseeyasi mathra for agni& koshtapareeksha and for allergic test.(Usually 20-60 ml).
On the previous day, the patient should be given food (vilepi) which is not atisnighda or abhisyandi.).The patient should take good sleep at night. Next morning his/her digestion must be assessed based on laghutwa, udgarashuddhi, vegotsarga etc. After the daily routine, patient is prepared for snehapana. Patient’s eyes must be closed with cotton and gauze piece.If proper counseling is given to the patient,there is no need of closing eyes.
Investigations required prior to acchasnehapana:-
Blood:-RE,LFT,Sugar levels ,RFT,Lipid profiles.
Stool:- RE.

Dosage of the sneha must be decided according to age, health, prakriti, vikriti, dosha and agnibala. It must be in between 50-75 ml for grita and 30-60 ml for taila on the first day. The dose for the next day should be fixed after assessing the time taken for digestion.For vasa & majja maximum 50 ml can be given.
Within half an hour of sunrise, patient should be seated in a comfortable position and sneha should be given in empty stomach. After giving the sneha, eye bandage should be removed and then warm water should be given as anupana.( Shunti jala is given as a practice here). Then the patient should wash the face and mouth with hot water to remove


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