Avagaha sweda


The word ‘avagaha’ means to immerse. Avagaha sweda is a type of sudation therapy which is included in Drava sweda, in which the patient is made to sit/lie in a tub containing medicated dravadravya to produce fomentation to the body.

Materials required:
1. Bath tub (5.6ft X 2.6ft X 1.4ft) -1
2. Vessels-2
3. Suitable dravadravya- 40-60 litres (sarvanga)/10-15 litres (adhahkaya)
4. Oil for abhyanga- 100 ml
5. Oil for talam-10ml
6. Choorna for talam- 5g
7. Towel/tissue paper-1
8. Attendent-1

Preparation of medicine:
According to the disease condition suitable dravadravya is selected. It should be poured into the tub with a temperature preferably 38oC-42oC.

Pre operative procedure:
Talam should be kept over the head with suitable oil and choorna. Abhyanga should be performed with prescribed medicated oil around the umbilicus up to the thighs or all over the body according to the condition. It can be performed without abhyanga in certain conditions.

The patient should be seated comfortably in the tub containing medicated dravadravya in such a way that his lower part of the body should be submerged above the level of umbilicus. Sarvanga avagaha sweda should be performed submerging the body up to neck.
When the temperature of the medicated dravadravya comes down, some amount should be replaced by warm dravadravya, thus keeping the temperature uniform.

Post operative procedure:
After the prescribed time, patient must be told to come out and body should be wiped with tissue paper or towel. Talam should be wiped off using dry towel and apply prescribed choornas like Rasnadi choorna/ Kacchooradi choorna. He is advised to take rest for half to one hour, and then to bath with lukewarm water.

1. Therapy should be stopped at any time if the patient gets good perspiration.
The temperature of the dravadravya should be maintained between 38oC-42oC.


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