Avapeedaka snehapana


Meaning of the word avapeedaka is to press down.
Avapeedaka sneha is the treatment procedure administered for ‘mootra
vegarodhajanya’ vikaras, adhonabhigata vatavikaras, in which sneha is consumed immediately before food and after digestion.
It can also be done in infertility, BPH, IBS, Spastic colon etc. Sneha is selected according to physician’s yukthi.

Materials required:
1. Sneha according to the patient’s condition- Q.S.
2. Measuring jar (500 ml)-1
3. Glass-1
4. Cloth-1
5. Lemon-1
6. Water boiled with Sunthi-Q.S.
7. Cotton- Q.S.
8. Gauze-1

Quantity and dimension:
1. The quantity of medicated ghee is uttama matra .The measurement of it is variable and subjective.
2. The uttama matra sneha is the amount of sneha that gets digested in 24 hours.
To calculate this, initially hrasiyasi matra should be given noting the time taken for its digestion. Keeping this data, quantity of sneha that gets digested in 24 hours should be calculated.

1. The procedure involves two steps of administration of sneha. One before food intake and second after the digestion of food.
2. On the day of snehapana, patient should be observed for the lakshanas of vega pravritti, agnideepti and initially half portion of sneha is given, followed by little quantity of hot water.(for samana purpose) The patient should be advised to take morning food soon after.
3. After the digestion of the food which is evidenced by clean belching, evacuation of bowels, lightness, thirst and hunger; the remaining portion of sneha should be given.
4. Patient should drink a little quantity of hot water as necessary. He should be made to stay in a place devoid of breeze and by covering himself, awaiting the digestion of sneha.
5. Feeling of lightness, relief from the symptoms like headache, giddiness, exhaustion etc. and escape of flatus, appearance of appetite, thirst and pure belching indicates the complete digestion of sneha
For sodhana purpose 3\4th of full dose initially given ,then food, after digestion 1\4th of total dose is given.


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