Choorna pinda swedam


Choorna pinda sweda is one among ooshma sweda. It is done with the boluses of various choornas(usually medhika, sarshapa, sathapushpa, jatamansi, atasi etc ). It can be done as snigdha or rooksha according to the condition. In snigdha pinda sweda, oil is applied over the body as well as the pottalis are heated in oil. T he potalis can be heated by the steam of boiling drava dravyas like Dhanyamla in specific conditions.

Materials required:
1. Suitable choorna(coarse/fine)- 1 kg
2. Cotton cloth (45 cm X 45 cm)-4
3. Tags- 4
4. Vessels (iron)- 2
5. Rasnadi choorna- 5g
6. Towel-1
7. Medicated snana choorna- Q.S.
8. Masseurs -2
9. Attendant – 1

Pre operative procedure:
The powder should be fried in the vessel till it attains a golden brown colour. It should be divided into 4 equal parts and tied into 4 pottalis. Patient should be seated on the table/droni and Rasnadi choorna should be applied on the head .Other thalams like navaneetha +bala ,amalaki+thakra etc should be considered according to condition.

The hot pottali should be gently applied over the body, after confirming the temperature by applying potalies on dorsum of hand of therapist.(42oC-45oC). Just pressing the body with pottali should be done, no need of kneading and massaging with the potali.. Both pottalis are used alternately after reheating to maintain uniform temperature throughout the procedure(Reheating is done either by keeping potali in vessel or by steam of dhanyamla or water) .Same potali can be used for three days.For whole body, it should be done for about 30-45 minutes in the 7 positions as in kayaseka.It can be applied locally also. Samyak swinna lakshanas must be looked for.
Postoperative procedure:
After the procedure, tala should be removed with cotton and Rasnadi choorna should be applied over moordha. Patient should take complete rest for at least half an hour and should take bath in hot water if indicated for roga.

1. Care should be taken to prevent charring while frying choorna and also while reheating the pottalis.

2. If the patient feels any discomfort or attains good perspiration at any time during the treatment, the therapy should be stopped.
Ideal time to perform the procedure is between 7-11 am & 3-6 pm.


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