Jambeera Pinda Swedam


The Jambeera pinda sweda is performed with the bolus of Jambeera fruit pieces. This is mainly applied in vatakapha predominant conditions.It is usually done in frozen shoulder,plantar fascitis and traumatic conditions.It is sophahara,rooksha &Theekshna.

Materials required:
Jambeera (chopped into pieces) - 750 g
Saindhava powder - 30 g
Turmeric powder - 60 g
Cotton cloth (45cm X 45cm) - 4
Threads - Q.S.
Vessels for heating - 2
Suitable oil for talam - 10 ml
Rasnadi choorna - 5 g
Suitable oil for abhyanga - 100 ml.
Oil for reheating the pottali - Q.S
Soft towels - 2
Masseurs - 2
Attendant - 1

Preparation of pottali:
Ingredients are fried in appropriate quantity of oil and are divided into four equal parts and pottalis are made accordingly.(coconut & egg yolk can be added according to condition)

Pre operative procedure:
The patient should be seated with leg extended over the droni and tala is applied with suitable oil/choorna.

Abhyanga should be performed with suitable medicated oil. Out of the four pottalis, the two pottalis should be heated up to 40oC-45oC by keeping on the hot pan containing suitable oil. This pottali should be applied to the patient as per the general procedure for about 30-45 minutes.

Post operative procedure:
After the procedure body should be wiped with clean towel, talam should be removed and Rasnadi choorna should be applied. The patient should be advised to take complete rest for half to one hour.

1. While preparing the medicine care should be taken to prevent charring
Tie the potalis firmly to avoid leaking of the contents during the procedure


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