Valuka swedam


Valuka sweda is done as a rookshakriya. It can be done in whole body or locally on a specific part. It relieves pain and inflammation.Commonly done as ekangasweda in Sandhigathavatham,Amavatham etc.

Materials and methods:
1. Sand - 1kg(River sand is preferred.)
2. Cotton cloth (45 cm X 45 cm) - 4
3. Tag- 4
4. Vessel (iron) - 1
5. Rasnadi choorna- 5 g
6. Towel- 1
7. Attendents-2

Preparation of potali:
Clean sand, which is devoid of gravel and other waste materials, collected from a neat place is used for this purpose. It should be washed and dried. A vessel preferably of iron is placed on a stove and sand is heated. Pottalis are made using this sand. If required crystalline salt can be added..Potalies are reheated using sand bath.

Pre operative procedure:
The patient should be seated on the droni with leg extended.



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