Anuvasana vasthi

Anuvasana (Sneha) vasthi

It is used in two ways as a supportive treatment for asthapana in different protocols like yoga, kala, karmavasthi and as a kevala snehavasthi in the form of matravasthi. Mainly used in conditions of vatha for the purpose of snehana but in some cases like arsas, vasthi like Pippalyadi Anuvasana can be given.

Materials required:
1. Plastic polythene cover/ traditional putaka with vasthinetra
2. Gloves
3. Vessels
4. Anuvasana taila / ghrita (chikkana paka) - 1/4th of asthapana
5. Hot water for warming the sneha.

Preoperative procedure-

Food is given just before Anuvasana as prescribed by the physician.

• After taking food patient should walk little distance.
• Then advice the patient to lie down on the left lateral position with his
right leg flexed at knee and hip, left leg kept straight and left hand below
the head.
• Warmed sneha is taken in polythene cover.
• Wearing the hand gloves, per rectal examination is carried out to rule out
loaded rectum, or any other obstruction.
• Then the vasthinetra is carefully introduced into the anal canal in the
direction of vertebral column.
• Snehadravya should be pushed with uniform force not too slow not too
• A little amount of snehadravya should be retained in the container and
vasthinetra is removed slowly.

Time of administration:

Usually between 1-2pm. (Just after lunch)

Post operative:-
• Patient should lie supine.
• Mild massage over abdomen is given.
• Bend his legs at the knee, and buttocks are hit by his heels.
• Patient is allowed to lie with pillow under his thighs.
• Patient is advised to attend his urge.
• For all purpose warm water should be used.
• Till the sneha comes out, patient is not allowed to eat anything.
• Usually sneha comes out with faeces within 1-5 hours.


Abdominal pain:
Rx: Hinguvachadi / ashta /vaisvanara choorna.


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