Ksheera dhooma


Ksheeradhooma is a Nadi sveda which is a type of Ooshmasweda . The therapeutic efficacy of Nadisweda varies according to the drava used. Ksheeradhooma is a snigdhasweda. In Nadisweda, a tube of appropriate length attached to an apparatus containing drava is used to direct the steam appropriately to the area which isto be sudated. In Ksheeradhooma, steam is generated by boiling milk and Balamoola/ Dashamoola/ Vacha kwatha. It is mainly practised in the management of Ardita, Jihvastambha, Hanustambha, Swarabhanga.

Materials required:
1. Chair-1
2. Milk-500 ml
3. Bala kwatha-500 ml
4. Oil for abhyanga- 50 ml
5. Oil for talam- 10 ml(Navaneetham+Balachoornam)is optonal
6. Rasnadi choorna- 5 g
7. Nadisweda apparatus-1-pot covered with leaf,pressure cooker 2-3 litre
Rubber tube-2metre.
Gauze piece at end of mouth of tube to avoid spilling.
8. Lotus petals-Q.S.
9. Blanket-1
10. Cotton towel-1
11. Cloth for wrapping eyes-1
12. Attendent-2

Preparation of medicine:
Bala kwatha: 500g of crushed Balamoola is boiled with 2 litres of water & 500ml of milk and reduced to 500ml.This is used to generate steam for the therapy.

Pre operative procedure:
Patient should be seated in a chair and talam should be applied with suitable oil. Abhyanga should be done over face, fore head, neck, shoulder& chest. The eyes should be covered with cotton cloth after placing lotus petals over both lids. The head and neck portion is covered from the back with a blanket.

The patient should sit comfortably for the procedure. Then steam from the apparatus is directed over face, neck, chest& shoulder. Special care should be taken to avoid burns and to get uniform steam. The procedure should be continued up to the appearance of sweat. It is done for about 5-15 minutes. Intermittent opening of the mouth is to be done.

Post operative procedure:


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