Patra potala swedam


The word “patra pottali” is derived from two words, patra means leaves and pottali means bundle. Patra pottali sweda refers to the sudation performed by specially prepared bundle of medicinal leaves (generally vatakaphahara). It is a form of ooshma sweda.

Materials required:
1. Leaves(chopped into pieces) – 1 kg
2. Grated coconut- 100g
3. Sliced lemon- 2
4. Cotton cloth (45 cm X 45cm): 4 pieces
5. Tags- 4
6. Vessels (for frying leaves and for heating pottalis)- 2
7. Oil-
· For frying leaves -100ml
· For heating pottalis-250ml
· For abhyanga- 100 ml
· For talam- 10 ml
8. Rasnadi choorna- 5g
9. Towels- 2
10. Masseurs -2
11. Attendant – 1
12. Saindhava-5-10 gms
Different medicinal powders can be added, if necessary.

Preparation of pottali:
The fresh leaves should be washed in water and chopped into small pieces. The leaves, grated coconut & sliced lemon should be mixed thoroughly and fried together in 100 ml of appropriate oil till coconut scrapings attain a brown tinge. It should be divided in to four equal parts and made into pottalis.(Average weight of a standard potali is 300-350 gm)

Pre operative measures:
The patient should be seated with leg extended over the droni facing to the East. Abhyanga should be performed with prescribed medicated oil all over the body for about 10 minutes. Talam with suitable oil/choorna should be applied.

The prepared pottali should be heated with suitable oil in a hot iron pan up to 42-460 C. It should be applied after checking the temperature throughout the body with mild pressure in seven prescribed positions by two attendants standing on both sides of the droni. Care should be taken to maintain the temperature throughout the procedure by reheating the pottalis.



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