Kayaseka with kashaya is a variety of drava sweda in which the warm kwatha is poured all over the body. Mainly it is indicated in Vatavyadhis with kapha or pitta anubandha. Drugs can be selected as per Dosha condition. It can be done locally or generally.

Materials required:
1. Suitable kwatha - 4 liters
2. Kernel/mugs with pointed tip- 4
3. Vessels(5 liters)- 4
4. Soft towels-2
5. Oil for talam- 10ml
6. Rasnadi choorna- 5 g
7. Suitable oil for abhyanga-100 ml
8. Gauze (60cm) –1
9. Earplugs-2
10. Gandharvahastadi Kashaya- 90 ml
11. Medicated water- Q.S.
12. Masseurs -2
13. Attendant - 1

Preparation of medicine:
800 gram of drug is boiled in16 litres of water & reduced to half quantity.

Pre operative procedure:
Patient should sit on the droni with minimum cloths. Talam is applied with suitable oil. Gauze is tied around the head above the eyebrows. Ears are plugged with cotton and abhyanga is done. In some specific conditions, this procedure may be done without abhyanga.

The kwatha for seka should be heated on the stove. The temperature of the kwatha must be around 40oC. Two masseurs standing on either sides of the patient should pour kwatha in a uniform stream through the kernels/mugs from a height of 6 -9 inches. The process should be carried out in seven positions as mentioned in kayaseka with oil. Kwatha flowing out should be collected and used after reheating. Fresh kwatha is used every day.If no massage is to be done, cover body with thin cotton cloth.

Post operative procedure:
Body should be cleaned with soft towel. Talam should be removed and appropriate/ Rasnadi choorna should be applied on the head. Gandharvahastadi Kashaya should be given for drinking. Bathing can be done after a rest of 1 hour.

45minutes-1 hour for 7, 14 or 21 days.

Time of procedure:
7-11 am or 4-6 pm

1. Temperature should be maintained at the same level through out the procedure.
2. Stream should be uniform and continuous.

1. Hypotension, Giddiness, Fatigue- cold water is sprinkled over the face.
2. Fainting- stop the procedure and treat accordingly.
3. Burns- Shatadhouta Ghrita application.


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