Kayaseka is a snigdasweda in which the warmed oil is poured all over the body/specific part for a stipulated period, in a specific manner. It has the advantage of producing snehana & swedana simultaneously. Pizhichil is a modified form of kayaseka developed by Keraleeya vaidyas & extensively practiced. This process is described here.

Materials required:
1. Suitable oil-3 litres
2. Cotton cloth (40 cm x40 cm )- 4
3. Vessels(5 liters) -3
4. Soft towels- 2
5. Oil for talam- 10 ml
6. Rasnadi choorna-5 g
7. Gauze (60 cm) –1
8. Earplugs-2
9. Hot waterbath-1
10. Coconut leaves/tongue cleaners-2
11. Gandharvahastadi kashaya- 90 ml
12. Medicated water- Q.S.
13. Masseurs -2
14. Attendant - 1

Pre operative procedure:
Patient should sit on the droni with legs extended, with minimum cloths. Talam is applied with suitable oil/choorna, along with karnapoorana. Gauze should be tied around the head above the eyebrows. Ears should be plugged with cotton and oil smeared all over the body (mild abhyanga).

The oil for seka should be heated in a vessel kept in a hot water bath. The temperature of the oil must be 42oC-45oC.The cotton pieces dip in the warm oil and should be poured by squeezing cloth pieces held in one hand of masseurs. The oil should flow, in a uniform stream from the thumb facing downwards, from a height of 6-9 inches as per the condition. The process should be carried out in seven positions as follows.
1. Sitting
2. Supine
3. Right lateral
4. Supine
5. Left lateral
6. Supine
7. Sitting
Prone position can be adopted if necessary. Oil flowing out should be collected and used after reheating. A gentle massage should be given along the stream. It is desirable to use fresh oil daily. As the medicated oil is very costly the same oil may be used for 3 days after removing sediments. This should be preserved after removing moisture Small quantity of fresh oil should be added to this to maintain the quantity. On the fourth day fresh oil should be taken & used for next 2 days. On the seventh day both these batches of oil can be used.
Kayaseka can be done using kernel also. In this, oil should be filled in the kernel & poured on the body after checking the temperature by pouring on the dorsum of therapist’s own hand. Modern equipment with auto temperature regulation is presently developing.

Post operative procedure:
The oil is wiped off with the help of coconut leaves/tongue cleaners. Body should be cleaned with soft towel. Talam should be removed and appropriate choorna like Rasnadi is applied on the head. Gandharvahastadi Kashaya should be given for drinking. Take rest for ½ an hour and take bath. Head bath can be done with amalaki kwatha and body with erandakwatha.

45 minutes-1 hour for 7, 14 or 21 days.

Time of procedure:
7-11 am or 4-6 pm

1. Temperature should be maintained at the same level through out the procedure.
2. Stream should be uniform and continuous.

1. Fainting- stop the procedure and treat accordingly.
2. Fever-stop the procedure and treat accordingly.
3. Hypotension, Giddiness, Fatigue- treat accordingly.
4. Burns- Shatadhouta Ghrita application


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